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Carved Wood Signs

Carved Wood signs

wood sign shaped like a state

At carved wood our main product is signs and plaques made out of and carved out of wood. Our carved wood signs can be made in just about any shape and can include any type of art or sculptoral content you can imagine.

The choice of wood is yours and it can be any type of lumber or species of soft or hard wood. starts by picking out a wood which is least likely to split, warp or cup. This usually entails picking out lumber with vertical grain from the heart of the tree or quarter sawn planks. We then check for straightness and water content and also aging. The lumber you decide on has to be a compromise between longevity and cost. Softwoods such as pine will be cheaper but will lack the stability and durability of mahogany or cedar, but we are happy to make your sign out of any wood you choose. The difference between species can be the difference of hundreds of dollars.

At carved wood we strive to provide a product that will not only be attractive but also be durable and provide a long service life. We treat our signs with a strong wood preservative and then finish them with quality urethane paints. You choose the coloring scheme and we will render it in a final product. We are fully capable of airbrush rendering complex scenes and graphic designs. We also have the ability to cut complex stencils and masks with our CNC plotters to construct complex and accurate graphics based on vector art.

The text on your carved wood sign can raised or incised deep into the wood by vee carving. the lettering can also raised with the center of the letters brought to a point by vee beveling. The lettering or text can be painted seperately to contrast against the textured background, the lettering can also be gold leafed for a stunning effect.

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