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Carved Wood Custom Carved Wood Signs For Residential, Business or Gifts and Awards

Welcome to! We are creators of some of the best quality dimensional wood and HDU Carved signs on the market. We can make just about any design you can dream up. Our carved wood signs start with the finest species of lumber, They are then CNC machined, hand carved and incised to your precise requirements.

carved wood sign for a business or store front

A Variety of Wood is Available

You can have a great choice of differing lumbers from all over the world, If cost effectiveness is your goal we can carve your sign from inexpensive pine or if you want the ultimate in strength and longevity your sign can be crafted in the finest mahogany walnut or western red cedar. The choice is yours. If you need something even more durable than wood lumber we can also make your sign from High Density Foam (HDU) which will almost last forever. We can also design your sign using the latest in graphics software and present you with an image of what your sign will look like for your approval. Or you can design your sign and submit your drawing to us and we will render it exactly as you want it.

carved wood sign for a shop


You might be asking what would be the advantage of getting a carved wood sign or signs over other types of signs available. And the answer depends on what you are trying to portray about your business or residence. When your customers or peers see an ornate carved wood sign they usually think of quality and craftsmanship. In fact a good carved wood sign can sometimes make the difference of someone walking by your establishment or stepping inside. Carved wood signs can immediately invoke a mood or spirit that can work to your advantage. It is a proven fact that natural wood and earth tones instill comfort and a feeling of well being in most people. The texture and scent of sandblasted or carved wood signs makes most folks want to look over the sign and its details and even invite people to touch the sign.

carved wood sign for proffesionals

Sign Size and Shipping

We can fabricate your sign in the size that best fits your needs, from an elegant small and personal wood sign to the largest sign that needs a truck to move it. Most of our signs no matter how large can be shipped through our account with UPS freight ensuring you get your new sign fast but also without damage.


Wood Preservatives and Paint

Our wooden signs are also treated with the best wood preservatives on the market to ensure they will give years of service. Our signs are finished in great quality acrylic enamels for the most durable weather and fade resistance. Upon request we can also finish your sign in aircraft quality two part urethane enamels for the ultimate in protection an durability.

At carved wood our signs can be finished to natural wood or brightly airbrushed to attract attention to your business or Restaurant. We can also make custom carved wood signs for your residence or for any personal use you can think up.


Custom Sign Hangers

Here at carved wood sign .com we also manufacture all the accessories you might need for your new sign including fancy wrought iron sign hangers to bolt on your pole or building. we use the latest in metal bending and welding equipment to make sure your sign hanger is not only beautiful but tough and strong too.

Trophies and wood marker plaques can also be made at carved wood and they can be fashioned in just about any shape you can think of.

If you would like to order a custom carved wood sign please feel free to contact us as listed below and we will custom design a wood sign you will be proud of for years to come.

ACarved wood sign for your business or residence.

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What's a carving and a painting in the shop


We,ve had some exciting times here at the first challenging part was the move from Merritt Island to Titusville Florida. Due to a death in the family we had to suddenly move our shop and reestablish ourselves just a little to the north in our new home in Titusville. Its all not bad though because in the process we modernized the shop and upgraded our software to ARTCAM PRO 2015. So while it was somewhat of a strain we have also become just a little more efficient. It seems like everytime you make a change like this you find a better way of doing thing or position a tool that makes it a bit more easier to use.

On this sign we are also using our new waterbourne urethanes which use less solvent and are very durable. The Sign was shot with the Sata 3000 B minijet and detail airbushed with an Iwata CR airbrush both of which I love using.

Have a good day,


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